Will I get in and what should I do?

Right now I am a high school senior and GW is one of my favorite schools. I have a 3.55 gpa (but it shows steep improvement since the beginning of high school and would be around 3.85 without freshman year) and a 1430 SAT. I have taken all honors and AP classes when available, totaling 14 honors and 8 AP. I have been heavily involved with the High School Democrats of America and several other political committees and organization. I want to study political science and go into the political field as a career after college. I also really love urban areas and want to spend a lot of time on the Foggy Bottom campus. My questions are 1- what are my chances of getting in? and 2- should I try to get into the civic house? I don’t particularly want to be at Mount Vernon but the program seems great.

Are you applying ED or RD?

I’m applying RD because I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford to go. I have to make sure I have a ton of financial aid and scholarship money before I commit.

I feel awkward posting this again but I really want to try to get some attention on it. I’m super anxious about admissions decisions and I don’t know what to do.

What’s your weighted GPA? With that many honors and AP classes you should be well above 3.55 (which is low for GW). Also, you say you’ve been “heavily involved” in various EC’s, but what does that mean? How many hours a week and/or for how many years have you been involved? Who has written your letters of recommendation and how strong do you think they are? We need more info, because your “chances” with what you’ve supplied so far is anywhere from a reach to low

You can get the exact same quality of education for a fraction of the cost by NOT going to a private university.

Depends on the field of study. I’d say that for 80% of the programs at GWU you’re probably right. However, for anything politics- or international affairs-related, you’re wrong. Certain schools demand a premium for a reason. I know people like to talk trash about expensive universities, but they’re in demand for a reason. For GWU, there’s a lot of big name professors and excellent internships that turn into jobs in ones field.