will i get in to rutgers NB SAS?

im a 12th grader with a 3.0 gpa and a 1070 SAT score. i know the SAT score is not good so im not going to be including it in my application, due to covid-19 we dont have to. Im a girl scout, am in breaking the chain and female empowerment club, and im starting a debate club at my school. I wanna major in Psychology. Im planning on writing my essay this weekend. I have a lot of community service. Do i have a chance of getting in to Rutgers SAS at New Brunswick.

Is your 3.0 weighted or unweighted? Do you know your class rank?

I had got into Rutgers NB SAS with a 3.1 GPA however, I also had a 1380 SAT. I did not participate in a lot of activities but was in Honors and AP classes. Do you take a lot of honors and Ap classes? Is 3.0 weighted or unweighted? Rutgers cares mostly about the GPA and Sat with some consideration for activities but not a lot. A lot of kids have high GPAs but low SATs. You’ll be competing with those kids. Kids with low GPAs usually try to get a high SAT score to make them a more competitive applicant. It’s hard to say whether or not you’ll get in but SAS is supposedly less competitive than the other schools so you’ve still got a shot to get in.