will i get in to UCLA and UCB. HELP

<p>hello everyone, im currently in my second yr at community college and have a 3.85gpa. i am majoring in history and have a 4.0 in major courses(did bad in one class, not related to my major which is why i dont have a 4.0 overall) anyhow, i was wondering if you guys would mind chancing me as i am really nervous.
-other stats-lots of ec's all are church related (i mean alot)
-some volunteering at randomn places
-no job... o well hope that doesnt impact me
so yeah thats basically it. thank you for your time.</p>

<p>I think you should list some of your ECs. For some of the UCs, ECs aren't that important. For Berkeley and UCLA, however, they are. Also mention your position in those ECs. Without knowing this info, I can tell you that, based on your GPA alone, you'd definitely get into UCSD if you wanted to (assuming you live in California. You may want to mention that as well).</p>

<p>Also, will you have fulfilled IGETC by the time you transfer? And how much of your major requirements would you have fulfilled for UCLA and Berkeley by the time you transfer?</p>

<p>thanks for your response song2.
to answer some of your ?'s-i do live in cali,IGETC will be completed by transfer, infact i only have one more class left,all the pre reqs for all the schools im applying to will be completed and are so far completed with a 4.0 (i only have like 1 or 2 classes left for la and cal and the other schools im applying to, hopefully i get a's in those as well), bascially the pre reqs for la and cal will be completed by time of transfer. in regards to ec's-youth leader at (church lead out in worship basically, for last 2yrs), helped out in av department for several years, like 6 yrs lol, participated in a chruch run program where we give out presents to those less fortunate-i did a lot of the coordinating and during the program i made sure things ran smoothly, was some what of a camp counseler, voluntered 20rhs at a library in hi skool if that matters, lol. basically stuff like that. once again, thank you for your time and i appreciate any and all feed back.</p>

<p>You might want to consider branching your ECs out a bit. I know Berkeley likes students who didn't do just one thing. One of my friends who transfered here, for instance, was President of her cc's GSA club, Co-Chair of her cc's LGBT Heritage Month, performed in plays, presented her research at the Stanford Symposium, etc. She broadened her interests and excelled in them (although she didn't overload herself). I could be wrong though, no one really knows how they choose students. </p>

<p>Also, just so you know, you will have to list your ECs from high school on your application.</p>

<p>No sports either? Hopefully your essay is good.</p>