will i get in??

<p>New Jersey male student</p>

<p>3.74 W GPA
Frosh-Junior years- mostly honors, cp math, 1 ap last year
Senior year- 3 ap's, cp math, newspaper, honors brit lit, 2 photo classes
4 years of spanish, math, english, lab sciences, and social studies</p>

<p>4 on AP gov test</p>

<p>720 verbal
610 math
670 writing</p>

<p>SAT II's
720 American History
620 Literature </p>

-boy scouts 4 yrs (eagle scout, eagle scout project)
-model un 3 yrs (president)
-spanish club 4 yrs (executive council)
-soccer 4yrs (varsity 2 yrs)
-newspaper (news editor)
-club soccer 4yrs
-BRITE (academic quiz game against other schools)</p>

<p>a lot of community service and work experience
good recomendations
good interviews</p>

<p>Bucknell (early)
U of Richmond
Holy Cross
Franklin & Marshall
Loyola in MD
Hobart and Wm Smith </p>

<p>be honest...haha lemme know if i need another safety</p>

<p>ED to bucknell?</p>

<p>yes..ed to Bucknell</p>

<p>good chance at bucknell</p>

<p>does it matter if other people from my school are applying to Bucknell?</p>