Will I get in?

<p>Curious as to how I will do, applied to the following schools: Suny at buffalo, buffalo state, suny Albany, suny courtland, suny binghamton</p>

<p>Let me start off by saying yes i did not take HS seriously at all, I have an 80 GPA w/ 1390 SAT (probably should of studied). However I did the Columbia university HSP, got an A+ and an amazing letter of rec (not a generic bs one many of my peers received) In addition to that I have been trading stocks for 2 years, run several websites and know several programming languages which all was stated in my essay. Just wanna see how I compare</p>

<p>Be honest ;)</p>

<p>I think you won't get into any of them because you say you run several web sites, yet you posted your query in the wrong forum.</p>

<p>lol...I realized there is a separate section for that now.... however I like you trying to throw coding terminology in there implying that I do not know what I am doing.</p>