Will I Get In?

I am a rising senior
I am a NY State Resident
Indian American
Almost a 3.2 GPA Unweighted
3.6 Weighted
(my High School is very Competitive)
SAT 1700 (I’m taking it Again I’m going for 2100+)
I moved to Long Island when i was in 9th Grade (the change also affected my grades a lot)
Taking Chinese as my Language (almost 7 years (not a native speaker(this brought down my grades a lot)))
Want to major in CS or Engineering
Going to Take 4 AP’s planning on getting 4 or 5’s in most of them
I’m in
National Art Honor Society (11,12)
Holistic Nutrition Club,(10,11,12)
Art Club(11,12)
Photo Club(11,12)
Speech and Debate (10)
Academic Team(10)
Indian American Society (10)
Marching Band (9, I played the Flute) --> This was considered a Varsity Sport
Autism Awareness Club (9)
School Newspaper (9)
(I joined a lot of Clubs because i wanted to know where i fit in)
Started an Orchestra (we had one in 8th and not in HS,Violin) (President)
Also I’ve danced Indian Classical Dance for Over 10 years
Volunteering at the Library (20 Hours Total)
Varsity Fencing (10,11,12)

will you get in where?

@mat324 Stony Brook

Check out Stony Brook’s stats for enrolled freshmen (you can Google it or look it up in Collegedata.com). You can do this for any other universities too. You may want to look at SUNY Albany - it may be a better fit with your stats that you currently have (not the stats you are aiming for - those are not here yet.). In general, state universities generally look at GPA+SAT+Course Rigor. EC’s will not save you from a low GPA or SAT.