Will I get in?

I am currently a senior in HS, and have been looking at colleges, and the only one I’ve loved so far is Marquette University. I am a little bit worried I’ll be denied though, because I fall just slightly below their average student. My unweighted GPA is a 3.1, and my weighted is a 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale), and my SAT score is an 1110. I’ve gotten A’s in B’s in most of my classes (except for a C in physics and a C in math junior year), Took 3 Ap classes, 1Dual Credit class, and I’m taking challenging courses this year. Is there anything else I should add to make me stand out more? This school is my top choice and will most likely attend if I get accepted

Make sure you write a good essay. Show interest. Hopefully you have some good extra curricular activities that boost your profile! You have some good rigor with the AP and DE classes. If you scored well on your AP exams be sure to self report those on the Common App. I would say your stats are a bit low but you never know. My DD had lower end of the 25%-75% range stats. She was accepted and she loves it at MU. There is hope. Best of luck!