Will I get into Cornell/Barnard/GWU/Tufts/Brandeis?

<p>i know this is really long but PLEASE READ!!!
i am a female (junior in hs) in new york and really want to go to the schools listed above. Here are my stats:
3.5 unweighted GPA
in top 30% of class (go to a veryyyy competitive high school on long island)
taking ACT in june and september but my score will prob be higher than a 28/29. reaching for a 30.
Extracurriculars include: National Art Honors Society(have won awards), Key Club (pres and vp), World Affairs Club, Student Gov't, History Day (have won awards), Jazz Band. I am a certified lifeguard and work at an animal shelter. i have also been passionate in dance for my entire life, taking classes up to 6 hours a week.
I have two really good letters of rec as well.</p>

Algebra (regents: 87)
Earth Science (regents: 89)</p>

English.. A+
Geometry...B+and 84 on regents
Biology Honors..B+ and 95 on regents
Social Studies...A
French 2...A

AP World History...B and 87 on regents (got a 2 on AP.. i know, so bad)
AP Music Theory...B
Alg2/Trig...B+ and 86 on regents
Art I...A+
Chemistry...B and 77 on regents (this was my least favorite science and showed)</p>

AP Lang and Comp... A and hopefully 4 or higher on AP
AP US History.. B+ and hopefully 3 or higher on AP
Physics... B (have hardest teacher in school)
PreCalculus... B+
Fashion Design...A+
Art II...A+

AP Macro
AP Lit
Criminal Justice
AP Calc AB
AP Environmental
AP Studio ARt
Architecture and Planning class
Portfolio Design Class
AP Psychology</p>

<p>sooo...what are my chances?</p>

<p>Cornell: Reach
Barnard: Low Reach
GWU: Match
Brandeis: High Match
Tufts: Low Reach</p>

<p>You have a relatively low GPA but difficult course load. ECs are good. Work on those essays and who knows what could happen.</p>

<p>just putting this back up here… please help me!? what should i do to increase my chances? i have already visited Barnard and plan to visit these other schools. I am going to have an interview at Barnard as well because this is my top school (for the past year or so)</p>