Will I Get Into Decker College of Nursing?

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS VIOLATES THE GUIDELINES AND I’LL TAKE IT DOWN RIGHT AWAY**Hi, everyone! So, I know that Decker is really competitive and there are limited seats so, you can be brutally honest. I’m a first-time freshman and applying for the Fall 2021 semester. I have a 4.0 GPA, weighed and unweighted. I did not take the SAT or ACT due to the circumstances this year. I rank 8 in my class but, only out of 54 students. I’ve taken English honors from 9th-11th grade but, this year I took English 103 and 104 (College English). I took AP Biology and AP US History in my junior year and got an A in both. This year (my senior year) I took SUPA Pysch, College Government, and Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, all college courses. I have As in all of them, all 100s. I received the Book Award from St. Lawernce University for community service. I have 3 jobs (yes three) but, I only put two of them on there that I work during as well as doing school. I have been apart of the drama club, key club, national honors society, and select choir, all of which I did all of my years of high school. I excelled in choir, being a section leader and having many leadership roles within it. The most notable thing about all of my stats that I think will make me maybe more competitive is my volunteer experience. I volunteered as a candy striper at a local hospital near me. The only thing is, it wasn’t many hours, as the program shut down due to covid but, it was over 30, not including my hours with key club. In key club, I have donated blood three times, been apart of coin drives, recycling club, and led the Make A Wish Christmas Stars. Now my regents are where I feel my application falls short. I had a 75 on my Algebra I, 88 on Living Environment, 99 on Global History, 74 on Geometry, and (get ready for the worst one), a 68 on Chem. Now, I know that the chem is pretty bad but, I averaged an overall 90 for the class, which is an A. The math scores aren’t too great either (I’m not very good at math) but, I had a 95 overall in Algebra II last year (junior year). I’ve read that they don’t consider the regent’s scores that much but, I’m thinking without the other testing scores, they are definitely going to be harder with them. After visiting the campus today, I’m completely in love with the school and now I really want to go there. I’m just wondering, do I even have a chance?