Will I get into Harvard?

<p>I'm really worried because it is almost certain I will not be Valedictorian. I keep trying so hard but there are just a few geniuses in my class I can't possibly beat! They'll most likely apply to Harvard too...what if they get accepted and not me?
If I had to guess my ranking, I'd say 7-9th in my class. However, I do go to one of the best College Prepatory schools on the east coast...does that change anything? My GPA is around a 4.1-2, I am Asian American, and I will have a four year varsity sailing letter (my school ranked #1 in the country for hs sailing) does Harvard care about sailing??? I'm desperate here! Will they care if I haven't finished calculus by the time I graduate? I just don't understand math and that's what's keeping my GPA down. I can't finish BC I'll fail it, I just know it.
I'm still a sophomore so I haven't taken my SATS but I got a 2000 on the PSAT and I will study and do nothing else this summer until I get at least a 2300, so I'm not worried about that. I will study and study and study...also I do mock trial, did orchestra, went to Scripps' National Spelling Bee and have won 2 writing awards from Scholastic...I know my credentials are great but my fear is eating me inside because I'll never be Valedictorian of my class, and aside from sailing, if you count that as a sport, I'm not athletic. I'm scared Harvard will take the top two or something from my class (EVERYONE in my school applies there) and I won't get selected. What do you think, will I make it? :(</p>

<p>The top ivies are always reaches for everyone, so you never know. It definitely helps that you're at a top prepatory school. I know Phillips Exeter academy send 30+ kids to Barbara Yale an princeton every year. Regarding your grades, keep them up. Because your at such a competitive school, not being valedictorian won't kill you. Regarding your sat, get as close to 2400 as possible. I know a kid from my high school got denied by Princeton last year with a 35 act and 4.4 GPA, so it's very very difficult without alumni ties. Good luck tho!</p>

<p>You should definitely have more schools than Harvard on your list. It's nice to see that you're so motivated and working really hard, but Harvard is a reach for everyone. Do you know what you want to do in college?</p>

<p>Yes, I want to study civil and/or criminal law and become an attorney.</p>

<p>No one on this planet can say they <em>will</em> get into Harvard. Not to make you worry more, but over 80% of Harvard applicants are well qualified and only about 6-8% get in. I think you have the potential to get into almost any schools, and you definitely could get into Harvard, but you don't have any hooks unless you are recruited for the Harvard sailing team(assuming there is one). Harvard only accepts people who are special in some way. If you have are still early enough in your high school career to start a business, do it. That is looked very favorably upon. also since you want to go into law try to get an internship at a law firm even if you are just a paper monkey. It will make you look like you have more of a passion for law. Just please don't get hung up on one school.</p>

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