Will I get into NJIT or Rutgers NB with my SAT and grades?

<p>So I want to major in mechanical engineering and my first SAT score was what I think pretty low. (Math:570, Reading:510, Writing:510). total of 1590. I am getting a range from a few A's to C's as my grades. What are my chances of getting into these colleges? (For Rutgers NB, I want to go into Engineering program).</p>

<p>My EC.
-Soccer:Will be my third year playing for my school during my senior year
-Community Service:65 hours
-Was in Asian Club my freshman year
-Theater (worked for lighting crew)</p>

<p>*note: What are my chances for Rutgers Newark,Rowan, and TCNJ??</p>

<p>**Another Note: I am planning on doing Mechanical Engineering for all those colleges.</p>


<p>Anyone please??</p>

<p>I have similar ECs. I have done lighting crew (programmed light board and operated spotlight) for three school productions! I am also looking at NJIT and Rutgers NB, how coincidental. Anyway, try to raise your SAT scores because I believe they are in the lower half or below the middle 50% for Rutgers, and engineering may be even more competitive. When I visited NJIT they said that they want their applicants to have an SAT 2 part score of 1000 or 1100 I believe. Either way, try to raise your SAT scores because it can only help your chances. Good luck! </p>


<p>For NJIT you have a good chance, but you need to raise your SAT scores. You need to raise your grades too if you want to get into TCNJ or Rutgers.
Those colleges are more selective.
You also have good chances for Rowan.
I'm also applying to all of these schools. So you're my competition lol.
Good luck!</p>

<p>LoL. Best of luck to you man!</p>

<p>can anyone else help??</p>


<p>TCNJ would be easier.</p>

<p>For RU, it is becoming increasingly harder to get in, but you still have a shot. Try raising your SAT scores if you can. You would have a better chance of getting into their College of Arts & Sciences then transferring into the school with your major/field. (On the RU application, you pick from 3 schools within RU). </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Anyone else??</p>

<p>Make yourself stand out a lot. Your grades and test scores are fine. Just rock the app by wording everything better. Volunteer more and take lots of leadership roles in the clubs you're in :)</p>

<p>I would say your in at njit. For Rutgers it is getting more competitive each year so try to get that sat score up by at least 100 points, I'll assume that your instate then you would have a decent chance. With that you prob will not gain admission to the engineering school but you can transfer into that later on. You will definitely get into Rowan and the Newark campus at Rutgers. TCNJ will be harder to get into than Rutgers NB the scores and gpa required are much higher. Btw what is your gpa exactly?</p>

<p>I'm still waiting for my guidance to call me down for GPA.. I do a lot of community service and attend a lot of church activities if that counts.</p>

<p>For my practice SAT test, i got 1660 but i think i could have done better. I think my GPA is just the average. Not extraordinarily good nor extraordinarily bad. I would have to say my freshman year was the worst (total mistake, now regretting every bit). But from Sophomore year to currently Junior year, I've been getting mostly B's and A's and a few C's (maybe 1 or 2). My best subjects are science and history and if you count electives, its art.</p>



<p>Anyone Else??? Please, I want as much input as I can get. Thanks... BUMP!</p>