Will I get into NYU...Will I get into Auburn University?

<p>ok, am applying to these two schools and know that NYU is hard to get into and have heard that Auburn University is rather easy to get into, but have also heard that it is harder than you think...just wondering my chances here are my stats...</p>

<p>**For NYU i am applying for Journalism/Recording Industry (yes i have a creative portfolio made) and for Auburn University I am applying for Journalism/Radio</p>

<p>GPA: 3.3 (unweighted)
ACT: 28</p>

<h1>Honors Classes: All of my high school classes have been honors, I think that puts me some where around 20</h1>

<h1>AP's: 3</h1>

4 Year Varsity Soccer Player (won 2 state championships)
13+ years of Club Soccer
Play competition paintball
Have played piano for 11 years
Have played saxaphone for 4 years
Communication Director for Model UN
Accepted to National Student Leadership Conference
Nominated for Boys State
Peer Counselor for school (very selective)
Tutor at local Elementary school
Freshman Advisor (selective)
Honors list every semester
Accepted to Journalism class
Went to a 4-week internship for music production/journalism in Boston
Create and get payed for short action videos that I make</p>

<p>Highly unlikely at NYU.
Can't tell about Auburn.</p>

<p>you'll definitely get into auburn...it is a very easy school to get into. no one from my school has ever been rejected!</p>