Will I get into texas tech?

Hi, I am a senior in high school with a 3.27 GPA and a 1130 SAT. I haven’t took any AP classes up until my junior year, but since junior year, I have a mix of AP and regular classes. I rank in the top 40% of my school. I don’t have many extracurriculars but I’m in 2 clubs. I was wondering what my chances are for this school. Thank you

Can someone help?

Does your school use Naviance? If so - look at the scattergram of who has been accepted in the past from your school. Using my daughter’s account (comparing only her school) - it looks like you would more likely be accepted. I would just make sure you apply ASAP.

@skiwi99 you should get in. My son who is a junior at Tech had similar stats as yours.

Did you get in

They aren’t selective and accept more than 70% applicants so yes probably he did. To put things in perspective, here is a list of acceptance rates at different colleges in Texas.

@CupCakeMuffins where is the list?

Those links are not getting accepted here for some reason. Just google Texas Colleges acceptance rates. You can find stats on Niche and acceptancerate.com as well.


The reason is listed in the forum rules: “The forum will automatically filter certain words, including many swearwords as well as words, websites, and names that have been targeted by commercial promoters here”

Thank you for clarification. @skieurope

Niche… never trusted the “party school website”. But you are right if you do go to other websites like raise.me cappex ect they all have TTU around 60-70% acceptance rate