Will I get into uconn nursing?

Hey I was wondering if someone could look at my stats and tell me about my chanches of getting into Uconn Nursing. Thank you
GPA 3.36/4 UW , 3.96/5 W
SAT 1250 taken once (april 2019)
Great essay on my 3 month prematurity and its relation to nursing
volunteer work with the organization that funded my premature lung surfactant therapy
Student Council, Ski Club, Peer helpers, Varsity Indoor track, Varsity Outdoor track, UCONN HoldUp Leadership Program, Job for 2 years at a froyo shop to current
I’m Instate (30 mins from Main campus), both my parents went to uconn
A letter of rec from my anatomy teacher (who has a really good reputation and lots of degrees), my chem teacher and my guidance counselor
Freshman year I took 2 Honors (general science and geometry)
Sophomore I took 3 Honors (bio, algebra ii and spanish)
Junior I took one Honors (chem)
Senior I took AP calc and Dual Enrollment Anatomy

I’ve only had 2 C’s for final grades in honors alegbra ii and honors geometry. I fixed this my moving to level one junior year, and then back up to AP senior and I’ve aced both courses so far

So the reason my GPA is so low is because of that, but I improved tremendously, and love math now.

I’ve had honors my entire school career since middle school, and high honors so far this seniors year (All A’s and a 89)

This senior Year I’m taking, Anatomy Dual Enrollment, L1 Physics, AP Calculus, Futuristic Literature, Journalism/Yearbook and Creative writing

I go to RHAM High School in CT and it is known to be a tough school, they say a B at rham is an A any other school.

Other schools I’m applying too: Merrimack College (safety), URI and Temple University
UConn is my top choice and I would be so happy to go there

Sorry this is so long, just trying to give as much information as possible.
Thank you, please respond!!!

From UConn’s website, a minimum gpa of 3.5 and a year of physics is required for admittance to the nursing program. Not sure if they use weighted or nonweighted gpa. Have you taken physics? You’re in-state, so that’s good, but nursing is competitive. My d has a friend in the program and she loves it. BTW, we’re neighbors - I live one town over. Good luck!

Yes I’m taking accelerated physics right now thank you for the info it’s helps!

UConn nursing is my first pick too!! I’m from Farmington Valley area if you know where that is. When I toured Uconn, they said their average SAT at Storrs is about a 1300, so you are a little below that but I’m sure your other stats will boost your chances. It’s very tough though- my friend’s mom is a professor for nursing and she said they receive about 2500 applicants and have room for about 100. Good luck!

@bbb4856 To clarify the statistics, UConn likely needs to accept 400-500 students from that 2500 to fill that class of 100. An acceptance rate of 20%ish is on par with peer programs. It is common for nursing students to apply to 10 or more programs.

just letting you know - when a uconn rep came to my school he said that they look for an sat score of 1400+ for the nursing program specifically. good luck!

Good luck! Let us know if you get in. Does UConn take ACT scores?