Will I get into VCU?

I am applying for the fall 2020 term and am worried about whether or not I will be accepted. I am instate (NoVA).
GPA: 3.47 weighted
SAT: 1150
Pursuing advanced diploma with a heavy load of IB classes
I am taking total (from junior-senior year) 8 IB classes and am doubling in science (IB Biology HL II and Physics). Also am taking the most difficult IB class that the IB program has to offer.
I am a part of about 9 clubs/organization
I volunteer a lot
I am a part of my school’s student government and the principal’s advisory council
An incident occurred the summer going into junior year (which explains my GPA) but I wrote about it in my essay on common app.
I submitted my application on October 30 (before scholarship deadline)

Please chance me!

I would say so :slight_smile: VCU is not very holistic, and according to prepscholar you have about a 65% chance of getting in. I’d say you’re good to go if your counselor explains the grade dip

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I did notify my counselor about my grades fluctuating and hopefully she mentions it in the letter of recommendation!

I think you have a good chance at VCU with your stats, Great Job! Hope you applied early action

Thank you! I got my acceptance Wednesday night! Most likely will be attending!