Will I get penalized by my rec

<p>This is a weird story. Ok, I gave my teacher rec. form to my math teacher from last year and told him that I was applying to Penn ED and I would be applying to the Fisher Program. He wrote my recommendation and sent it in already. After he sent it in, though, he showed it to me. Much to my dismay, he put down at the end how I would be perfect for Wharton, even though I am applying to SEAS as my backup to Fisher. Will this feux pa (sp?) hurt me in the admissions process?</p>

<p>hahahahhahahhaha feux pa</p>

<p>I think you should have him send in a new one and explain that it was an error. If he wrote Wharton it looks like you're trying to backdoor.</p>

<p>The problem was, it was a doozy of a mistake. He thought that since our valedictorian last year is going to Wharton that I would be too. He looked up Wharton's mission statement and wrote how I was a perfect fit. Really made me mad when I found out.</p>

<p>faux pas ...</p>

<p>What's the problem? Apply to Wharton :)</p>

<p>Spelling faux pas wrong is such a faux pas.</p>

<p>I'm leaving now...</p>