Will I get rescinded for facetious Discord comments about cheating taken completely out of context?

My discord name is my first name, which isn’t that common. Around May of 2020, I sarcastically made some joking comments on Discord that were along the lines of “it’s online school, of course i cheat on every test /s”. I recently found out that a couple people have a screenshot of this message, and I have no idea what their intentions are. The screenshot does not contain the /s so it looks like me actually admitting to cheating, even though this was impossible for the following reason:

However, during March-June, my high school was fully asynchronous; we had no class meetings, so obviously there were no tests in any class, and because there were no tests, I couldn’t possibly have cheated on any of them. If it’s needed, I can get my teachers or school counselor to explain and support my case if needed; in reality, I have not broken my school’s academic integrity policy at all. If the screenshot gets forwarded to the admissions office, can I simply explain this situation to them? Should I reach out preemptively? Do I have anything to worry about?

Unlike instagram, facebook and twitter - the odds of an education professional being on discord, and maybe even knowing the app is pretty low. Hard to know what jerks will do with screenshots from a gaming site, but I find it hard to believe you will not be able to talk your way out of things if they got to your school with the screenshot.

Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t put dumb stuff in writing!