Will I get Rescinded for Ws and a missing? course?

I recently got admitted to UCLA for pre-political science! However, I got 4 Ws this semester, because I registered for classes I didn’t need, and so I ended up dropping and then swapping them with different classes (ex. swapping out Biology for Astronomy). It’s a bit different from my UC application, but I will still be IGETC certified.

To add onto that, on Assist.org it says I need 3 Political Science classes at CC minimum. However, I just read the website today on UCLA and it says I need 4 Poli-Sci classes and 1 Stats class. I only have 3 poli sci classes and the stats requirement fulfilled. I’m so confused…then am I missing a prerequisite? WILL I GET RESCINDED?

I got a 4.0 this semester, so no Bs or Cs. IM SO SCARED I MIGHT GET RESCINDED… ANY ADVICE FOR ME ? (Will call/email UCLA, but in the meantime, any advice?)

If you changed your class schedule, it was up to you to update UCLA of the changes prior to their admission review since they are basing their decision on what you had previously reported. Did you have a 4th PS class listed in-progress and you dropped it? Dropping classes after the submission should first be run by UCLA to determine if it will be an issue. W’s are usually not a problem but if you do not notify them, it could be. Only UCLA admissions can tell you what they will do about your situation so contact them ASAP.

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Notified them ASAP. Called them a week prior about the W’s.

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I notified them via schedule changing on the portal too as soon as I got accepted.

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So it is in UCLA’s hands right now. Have they given you an indication if there are any issues that could impact your acceptance?

As of right now, nope.