Will I get rescinded from UC Merced for a D in a non required course?

So my second semester senior year just ended and I earned all A’s and B’s except for one D in Chemistry. My chemistry is dual enrollment and not required by A-G requirements as it is a 5th year science course, 3 are required I believe. I was wondering if anyone had any info on my chances of being rescinded due to one D in a non required class, my GPA is still above 3.0 with the D. I am not entering as a chemistry major. How worried should I be?

You need not ask here- you need to call admissions.

It’s DE - so do you even need to send in the transcript from the CC? My daughter’s only got on her HS transcript because we sent it to the counselor. If you are saying it’s not required, just don’t report it.

But UC Merced would be the one to ask.

@tsbna44 @BellaBlack. You are required to report all CC courses and send a transcript if it is a UC transferable course.

That said, do you have a provisional admission contract from UCM? Are the requirements spelled out? In general for most of the UC’s, you need to maintain a weighted 3.0 weighted GPA and no D’s or F’s Senior year.

Definitely contact UCM to find out what your options are to maintain your acceptance.

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Check your conditions of admission on the portal. It may be similar to this sample of last year’s conditions: https://admitted.ucmerced.edu/sites/admitted.ucmerced.edu/files/page/documents/202030_-fy-_conditions_of_admission_with_intl_language_1.pdf

Among other things, it says that

“The conditions below” includes completing courses with with C or higher grades.

I did see that while I was looking but I was wondering if you knew the likelihood of them rescinding? Should I be worried?

I think what we say doesn’t matter - follow the process and go from there. As they say, they might suggest alternatives - and as you said, the class isn’t even required. So that’s a good start.

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