Will I get rescinded from UCLA?

<p>Hello people so my dilemma before was I was failing Chem luckily i passed with a C. But I unexpectedly got a C in Polsi[had a solid B throughout the sem] but i guess i messed up with the final. Same with Calc, dropped from an A to a B. Now with all my other classes 2 As, and another B. total of 2 As[8units], 2 Bs [5units], 2Cs [7 units]. which gives me a calculated GPA of 3.05. My normal GPA is a 3.75...will I get rescinded?</p>

<p>I guess no one can answer this question except for the UCLA admission officer, u should call them tom asap to find out what should u do</p>

<p>You can fill out the problem form online tonight & then call admissions between 1 & 4 tomorrow. </p>

<p>I have heard that admissions is only concerned when you have 2 or more C's & I also read a post on CC by Ms. Sun (contract admissons officer for ucla & also writes the Ucla blog) that > a 3.0 should be good... Again it is on a case by case basis but I would just update the form tonight, call tomorrow and try to relax.</p>

<p>Post an update when you hear anything & good luck!</p>

<p>@shawna: where should i update that form?</p>

<p>New</a> Bruins - Reporting Changes - Transfer Students - UCLA Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>shawna: thanks! well im going to wait till the morning for my Calc prof to reply to my email. I just want to make sure the B is my official grade. lol. but i hope UCLA will still accept me if not im screwed. haha.</p>

<p>update: my calc teacher changed my grade to an A, it was a mistake cause my grades were on an unofficial transcript but now it says an A. so my GPA will be over 3.2! do you think i still need to tell UCLA and fill out a change form?</p>

<p>you could if it makes you feel better because I know my mind would be racing so I would fill the form out but ya you should be good. :) thats awesome your teacher bumped you up! :)</p>

<p>no reason to rescind you at all, gpa isnt dropping below 3.0 cumulative.</p>

<p>yeah im really happy he bumped it=] but i still dont know if i should put in that form. its scares the **** outta me=/</p>