Will I get rescinded/rejected for a withdrawl?

I’ve been stuck in a funk lately and I feel completely burnt out in my last semester before graduating from a CCC and transferring to a 4 year institution. I’ve missed the P/NP deadline at the CC I’m taking Calc II at and I genuinely feel like I’m going to fail the class as it’s been really hard to learn math online. I’ve already gotten into SDSU which I am happy with and does not require the class for transfer and I know that USC does not need the class for my major either, but I was wondering if the UC’s would take me out of the running for not completing the second part of the calc sequence (I would most likely retake the whole sequence upon transferring) because I know that schools like UCSD & UCSB may be more strict about completing the sequence for my major (Econ). Have people been accepted without completing all the requirements (with the expectation that they take it at the UC) or is it a detriment to the applicant? I’d really like some input ASAP as the UC TAU is closing in the coming days. Thank you!

I Dont know the answer but I would also really like to know. I have straight A’s besides my calc class which I have a D in… Math is impossible inline unless you’re natural good at it.

Have you already been accepted to the school you’re transferring to?

@csu2k24 is there any way you can salvage the grade? Extra credit? Retaking an exam? If not you should contact the AO ASAP and discuss it with them. They may let you retake it over the summer if you need it for your major. Or maybe they’ll let you take it in the fall.

im still waiting to hear back from my schools. Ive had a lot of challenges this semester regarding my family, pandemic, and mental health caused by those 2 things. Im hoping because we are admist a pandemic they’ll be more forgiving considering the environment

I hope they will too. It’s been such tough year!

I’m also still waiting on a few and the UCs don’t necessarily have an AO that’s easily accessible so I guess I have some digging to do. In terms of the course, I think that even extra credit wouldn’t save me, my issue is that I genuinely don’t know the material and it wouldn’t be any help to just keep chugging through the course sequence with no idea of what I’m doing. Definitely nervous about it and I’m definitely going to retake it in the summer if the schools allow I’m just super worried I’ll get in somewhere I like but get rescinded.