Will i get revoked??

<p>I think i may be getting a D in calc this 2nd semester.. I already have 5 years of math however because i took a summer class to move up. I'm taking 3 ap courses right now and I have a 2000sat 3.33gpa and a 3.4 right now even with the D. I have pretty reasonable explanation for my D but i keep hearing how ucsc is so strict about it all..</p>

<p>Well Honestly, I would say just try your best to bring up that D to at least a C. Go talk to the teacher and beg if you want to. I was in your situation about 2 weeks ago (but with Spanish) and I had a D- but somehow worked my butt off and got a C- so I was good. Just try your best to get that C or above.</p>

<p>I heard that UCSC are strict on that policy but maybe if you can't raise that grade then you could always send an email or call to explain your situation and MAYBE they can help you. However, there is a chance that they could simply turn you away for whatever reason.</p>