Will I get Revoked?!!??!?!

<p>Michigan just sent me a message saying today that they are concerned over my declining grades, and that they may revoke my acceptance. They asked me to write them an email explaining myself. I wrote them a reply, a very humble and honest email explaining myself. I slacked off and my mid year grades were bad. But since then i changed and started to raise them up, but the year ended b4 i could get everything up. I promised them that nothing like this would happen again and that they should trust in my abilities and their acceptance was not a mistake. I also asked my counselor to send them a message. Are the grade review office's lenient on these kind of things and would my honsty and sincerety presuaded them. I am truly worried. My final grades were 4 B's and 3 C's</p>

<p>I don’t know, it could be worse this year since they have so many students coming in</p>

<p>im out of state though and knowing michigan they need as many OOS tuition as they can get</p>

<p>You most likely (like 99%) won’t get revoked as universities seldom revoke acceptances. However, this could lead to probation, which will remain in your permanent record. Let us know what happens.</p>

<p>Let this be a lesson to all others out there. Do not slack off until summer!</p>

<p>Botch. You got into Michigan and now you’re getting multiple Cs.</p>

<p>good luck bigmanbob!</p>