will i get scores on time?

<p>hello i am applying to an international school and the deadline for the application is the day after the december scores will get released. on my college board account it says 4 more days before i get my scores. it also says i can order my score verfication. since it says i can order my score verfication does that mean i will get my scores on time? most of my friends scores were late. i need to know if i will get my scores in on time or else i will have to sumbit a late fee for the application. i already called the college and they said if i sumbit it late i wil have to pay no matter what. </p>


<p>Scores will be released Dec 22, They should not be delayed but "Score Verification" has nothing to do with whether your scores will be released Dec 22. You are seeing that because they want to sell you something. If you order Score Verification then about 4 to 5 weeks after the scores are released you will get a report telling you which questions you got wrong. </p>

<p>I do not know the rules of your international college but you should not count on the scores actually arriving Dec 23. Does the college have an SAT college code number for sending? If it did, and if it requires an official score report, and you designated the college as one to automatically receive scores (one of your free sends), and the college has electronic delivery from CB, then it could get possibly get there by Dec 23 but more realisticlly you are looking at sometime next week. If it doesn't have a code and it doesn't have electrocnic delivery with CB, you could be looking at 4 weeks for delivery. If it just takes a copy of your score, you can make a copy when it is released on-line.</p>