Will I have a good experience here?

Hi. I am a current Senior about to graduate who has gotten into several schools but am mainly considering Trinity University, Colorado School Of Mines, and UH Honors College. I had a 3.7 GPA and a 32 ACT. I am very confident in majoring in Engineering as I have done several internships and have experience with CAD, but also want to continue my love of music. I also love hiking and landscape photography and feel like CSM is the perfect fit for that based off of what I’ve read. My question is, I’m not the strongest student, but try to put in a lot of work. Will I struggle at Mines?

I don’t think you will struggle, but engineering is challenging. The most important aspect will be hard work and how well you do at math.

If you took algebra, trigonometry and have had an into to calculus, you will do fine at Mines.
Its helpful to have had a high school physics class. Chances are, if you got into Mines, you have all of that on your transcript and will be doing fine.

Trinity U in Texas is more of a liberal arts college, but still OK in engineering. Mines is not much bigger, so you will get a lot of personal attention. U of Houston is more of a larger and in part, commuter school, so I would choose either Trinity or Mines if the costs are the same.

@Sybylla Mines is very thorough for mathematics and asks everyone to start at the beginning. So I would say if a student gets admitted,they can do the work. We don’t know if OP has calculus, by the way. I do not believe her mix is odd at all. Houston is very very good for engineering, and I believe Trinity is better than you seem to believe. Are you an engineer? I am very familiar with Mines and its math sequence, and I would say its easier than many public engineering schools, but still rigorous. The beauty of Mines is that it has a LOT of hand holding and projects, because its so much smaller than say CU Boulder or TAMU, which are wicked large and have huge drop out rates. Mines is much better in that fewer students drop out. TAMU is a crazy big school. Most students who are wanting a personal college experience would never pick TAMU. TAMU and Mines have LITTLE OVERLAP. TAMU is military focused, marching bands, and not all that supportive. Mines is a small school that focuses on oil and gas exploration, geology, mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics, with a good project management and economics program. Mines is supportive and very small. The graduate school at Mines is smaller than the undergraduate school. TAMU is more like U of Illinois, focused on research work primarily and ROTC also.

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