Will I have to downgrade from Windows 7?!

<p>From what I understand, U of I only accepts Windows xp or Vista. I have Windows 7, which is the far better version out of the three. Why would they do this? Is it because their internet is not compatible with Windows 7?</p>

<p>It is most likely software. Best thing to do is call the office that made that suggestion. I’m guessing 7 might actually be okay.</p>

<p>Am not sure where you are getting your info. As to systems you can use at UIUC, the “minimum” needed is XP if you have windows. Windows 7 is actually the “recommended” windows system: [CITES</a> :: Recommended Computer Configurations - U of I](<a href=“http://www.cites.illinois.edu/newtocampus/recommended.html]CITES”>http://www.cites.illinois.edu/newtocampus/recommended.html).</p>