Will I like HWS?

<p>I think I may pick Hobart, but I dont know if I will like it. I am not a partier but not a geek either im just normal haha but I don't drink and am uncomfortable in those situtaions. I really like HWS but can someone tell me if it is hard to fit in there if you dont drink or party? can u still make friends or do people kind of shun u. i know someone at another college, and shes transferring because she was shunned by all of her friends because she didnt want to smoke or party, and she was kicked out of her sorority. im a little worried about my situation. does anyone think i will be happier at somehwere else like Franklin & Marshall or Gettysburg , although i heard that they party and drink too. I know every college drinks and partys but at some colleges it is possible to get by without doing them. Do you think I would be comfortable at HWS? It seems like a really nice place.</p>

<p>Given it's May 2, what decision did you make? Did you ever get anymore information on your question above?</p>

<p>I'm sorry I missed your post, ctswimmer. I wish you had sent me a PM (personal message); I would have received an email about it and responded. Where did you decide to go to school? If you chose HWS, I will tell you that my son doesn't drink, smoke or party and he has friends who accept him as he is, despite that they drink and attend parties. You are right: there is drinking, smoking and partying at virtually every school, so you do have to learn to stick to your guns. Real friends will accept you as you are. Do let us know where you're going! Good luck!</p>

<p>There are other students at HWS who also don't drink, smoke and party, my son is not the only one, and perhaps you can seek out those kids as friends.</p>

<p>Don't know if this is of any help, but HWS is like those other schools that you mentioned (Gettysburg and F&M). Above-average, small, private liberal arts colleges. So there will be a fair share of drinking, partying, what have you going on there, as well as at HWS. If you really shun those activities I could suggest the substance-free residence on campus, which has a great view of the lake.</p>