Will I make it

Hi guys,
I am interested in applying for Questbridge National College Match but Idk if I have a chance. Here’s my academic overview. PLEASE lmk if you think I should apply

GPA: about 97 unweighted, 101-102 weighted
Scores: haven’t had a chance to take the SAT/ACT
AP Courses taken- AP Stats, Calculus ab (4), Physics (3), Chemistry (3), Environmental Science (4), US history, World History, Language and composition

president of diversity club, vice president of Model UN, New York State Ambassador of Stemettes US, Treasurer of Foreign Language hs, publicity director of Math hs,

Honor societies: Math, History, Science, National , Art, English

Two internships- Stony brook University 2019, Complete Orthopedics 2020

Volunteer- over 500 hours

Essays- wrote my main essay about my trip to pakistan, haven’t started my second essay or the supplements yet

Letter of Rec- orthopedic surgeon, science research professor (cornell almuni), ap lang teacher (Columbia alumni), The United Nations

Awards/ competitions participated in- BASH Awards, MIST 2019 and 2020 (Science research 1st place), NYSEF (2019 and 2020), LISEF 2020, Shining volunteer, AP Scholar

Also if any one who was a finalist would like to give essay ideas or recommendations, would be great

You have a solid profile. You will need another teacher letter of recommendation though, some colleges require two and you can’t substitute with a research prof, or internship sponsor, etc.

Are you signed up to take an ACT or SAT?

What is your family income?

What is your FAFSA EFC and what family income/assets do you hsve? Do you have divorced parents, family business?

Most of those who get the QB scholarship have a zero FAFSA EFC. However QB also requires CSS PROFILE to get a fuller picture of what may be available for college costs