Will I make umbc

In state
Rising senior
3.38 unweighted
3.7 weighted (4.5 junior year)
1310 sat
7 APs
8-10 ec’s

And what about umd college park and Loyola

For UMBC, your gpa is below the average GPA of 3.82, but your SAT scores are above the average for UMBC, which makes up for the GPA part. I think you have a decent shot at regular admission for UMBC.

For Loyola, your gpa is much higher than the 3.45 average, and your SAT scores are also very good; I am sure you will unequivocally get accepted.

For UMD College Park, your gpa is well below the average gpa of a 4.22, but your SAT scores are above their average. If you write a really good essay, and have many letters of recommendation, I think you have a shot at getting in. I think your upward trend of getting a 4.5 gpa during your junior year will really impress the admissions counselors and show them that you can handle a college education.

Good luck!

Ok thanks!! I am also doing an internship and most students from my school with my scores got accepted for umbc, not sure about college park