Will it be too late?

<p>Hello! I am a 10th grader at a Texas High School. I have above average grades; freshman year I had all A's and one B(in Theater Arts). Two of my classes, Geometry and English, were not honors. This year I am taking all Honors classes(Pre-AP, and AP) and so far I have high B's and A's(I know those B's are not going to cut it, but school just started and I know I have the capabilities to finish the year with all A's)</p>

<p>Within the last few months I started getting really serious about school and what I want to do with my life. I've come to the conclusion I cannot see myself doing anything else with my life except becoming a doctor. I know it is in my best interest to have back-up plans and the like, but nothing has caught my interest more than the field of medicine(specifically dermatology) </p>

<p>Freshman year, I couldn't involve my self in any EC. My mother is a single parent and me being the oldest, taking care of my younger siblings at home became my priority and time consuming. This year, I have managed to get myself involved in Track, and StuCo. Until I get a license and car(junior year) I won't be able to involve myself in too much. </p>

<p>I've read countless articles on the types of ECs and whatnot I need to get involved to pursue my goals, so I'm not specifically coming on these forums asking WHAT I should do, just WHEN. Is it okay If I don't involve myself in ECs and heavy volunteering and shadowing doctors till my Junior year?</p>

<p>Also, on a separate agenda, what type of academic achievements would be in my best interest to accomplish? </p>

<p>I really appreciate anyone who takes their time to read and answer my questions :D. Please offer me any tips/advice for my long, rigorous battle to become a doctor(hopefully a dermatologist) </p>

<p>(Please excuse my grammar by the way :( )</p>