Will it matter?

<p>I am the only person from my school applying to Yale.</p>

<p>Ooh that's an interesting situation!<br>
You see, there is usually some point in the admissions process where they organize applications by State and then by School, so members of the same school may be compared to each other depending in what order their application is read.<br>
However, in your case, you don't have to worry about being compared!<br>
This could be good or bad, though.<br>
If you had some clearly worse student applying from your school you might look all the better.
On the other hand, there is no one else applying from your school, so no one from your school can look better than you.<br>
Or maybe they'll find it impressive that you are the only one applying from your school!
They still will care more about YOU, regardless of who else is applying from your school They will care about your grades, and your rank. And of course your essay, rec letters and everything else etc.
So, I really wouldn't worry about it too much. I would label it a minor factor, if one at all.</p>

<p>somewhere on the yale website they did mention that they compare by school right? I ask because there are 2 other people applying from my school</p>

<p>well i'm definitely a LOT less stressed than the people I know from like stuyvesant where half the school is applying early to ivies.</p>

<p>Yes, I am pretty sure that they do compare by school.
But I think it is only to a minor degree.
They emphasize that they don't have any quotas for schools and that they won't not accept someone because they already admitted "too many" from their school.
So I don't think it's a huge issue.
I think, also, that if one is really worried about being compared to others, the best thing to do is focus on the interview, rec letters and essay!
If you have already applied / had your interview, don't fret, but for those who haven't, imagine this:</p>

<p>Two Applicants (A and B) from the Same School
Both top students, however
Applicant A) higher GPA, better rank, better test scores
but then Applicant B has a super great essay that is a great joy to read and really conveys B as a person, and B's interviewer gives nothing but praise; praise that matches what his teachers/counselor say!
Who will get in?
Statistically A is stronger, but B is more of a person!
B gets in.
Moral: Make your application scream you! Isn't it harder to reject a person than it is to reject a bunch of numbers?</p>

<p>NICE! im the only one in my school applying to the major ivys (HYP) except my friend who is applying ED for princeton and no other ivys.</p>

<p>Same here. I'm the only one applying early to an Ivy and I know of 2 people who are applying regular decision to Princeton. I'm from a small public school that's not known for being too strong academically. Basically every year we send 50 out of 150 to Rutgers and everyone else goes to some other local college. We rarely get people into good schools except for 2 Upenn and 2 Colombia last year and 1 Princeton the year before that.</p>

<p>Ooh that's not too bad!
Last year my school sent 1 to Brown and 1 to Cornell
and 13 to Stanford.
Everyone here loves Stanford, and a lot of people have connections.
There are at least 20+ applying Early to Stanford.
I don't know of anyone else applying early to Yale and only of 2 applying RD to Yale.
We sent 2 people to Yale 3 years ago, and none since then.</p>

<p>I'm the only one from my school applying to any Ivies too.</p>

<p>ditto.. thank God!</p>