Will Lateness in Application Hinder Scholarship Given

I applied to Monmouth University on Feb.27th and sent my transcripts in overnight shipping so they would receive them by Feb28th. I have made many calls to check the status of my application (because online application status’ aren’t available) but no answer. If my application didn’t make it to them by the deadline (which it should have) then it becomes reviewed on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS! Someone please tell me this isn’t as bad as it sounds! Especially if I applied almost just in time. AND ALSO if they did receive my full application on time, because of its “last minuteness” WILL IT HINDER THE AMOUNT OF SCHOLARSHIP I RECEIVE!?!?!

Do you think the admissions people live at work? My gosh, you overnighted the package on a FRIDAY. It’s now Monday morning and you’re fretting b/c your “many calls” have been un-answered on Saturday and Sunday. REALLY? No one has even OPENED your friggen package yet – it’s sitting in a bin, unopened.

Please find a way to calm yourself – your actions indicate that freaking out has superseded rationality. They want to find a way to award you scholarships to attract you to attend their college – remember that.

Let the admissions people enjoy their weekend. Relax.

Agreed, if they are working on the weekend it is to go through files, not to answer calls from nervous last minute applicants. Not sire why you didn’t send everything out a few days earlier just to be sure it got there on time.

Yes it could (Depending on the deadline ((which for, midwest colleges at least, was March 1st)) ). Although most times the deadlines you see for application into the college are priority dates set in conjuncture with scholarship deadlines and you should still get to apply to COLLEGE, you just get reviewed later than the applicants that made the deadline. First it takes a few days to process and decide. (I am going through the same process with transferring and talked to the admissions office and got this answer from a state university.) Most college offices are closed on weekends as others pointed out. “Overnight” on weekends really means we’ll see it Monday or Tuesday if all goes well, you’ll know by the end of the week. Even if you don’t get this scholarship you’ll be ok, there are dozens of ways to pay for college. Take a deep breath and accept that sometimes things (like applying for college) aren’t instantaneous.