Will law schools care about what's just a personal compulsion

<p>After taking a hiatus from a large public uni, I've returned a semester ago. I decided I wanted to make some changes- for example switch one of my majors even though I'm close to completing the initial one. I did poorly my first couple of semesters, but after returning from my academic withdrawl I've been getting all A's (with some serious family issues resolved). I want to change majors and graduate with honors. To do so, I'd have to take more classes and maintain a full load for all semesters, and I'd also have to take like 20 units next summer. I know I can do well, but my concern is looking unreasonable to law schools. Will they care about this? It's just been a personal goal to graduate with honors and I thought I wasn't going to be able to considering my first year here. Now I realize that I am capable of doing it and definitely want to.
Will law schools, especially the top ones, care about that? Should I explain why I'm doing it?

<p>LSAC will only count your adjusted GPA for your first baccalaureate. I honestly do not understand the desire to double major and believe me your law school admins will not care one way or the other. </p>

<p>You also will not have to worry about how this looks or that looks, the only thing that matters is the LSAC adjusted numbers which you can find the formula and the rules for this on their website. In addition to GPA of course your LSATs matter, other than that honestly nothing else matters unless your parents are going to give a huge endowment to the Law School.</p>