Will low SAT Subject score hurt my chances?

<p>Two of the colleges I'm applying to, Brown and Columbia, require the SAT and 2 Subject tests. My superscored SAT is a 2210, and I got a 790 on the Chinese subject test. I just got my Literature score, and it's a 660, which I know is on the low side. Those are the only 2 subject tests I've taken/planning to take. I'm retaking the reasoning SATs in November, so I don't think there's time to retake Literature. </p>

<p>Will that one score significantly hurt my chances? 660 is actually above the average, which is 613. I know both those schools are Ivies so it's competitive enough as it is.</p>

<p>SAT IIs skew lower because the cohort consists of students, well, like you. Kids going to most selective schools. </p>

<p>660 is a fine score.</p>