Will med schools accept college credit from high school for English and Calc with a transcript from flagship U?

Kid took AP Eng Lang as dual enrollment in 11th, and I think AP Eng Lit or another dual enrollment English in 12th, and AP Calc BC dual enrollment in 12th, along with some other classes that were dual enrollment, all with our flagship state U. Kid then took while in college the mandatory 200 level English seminar that they placed into, also took Stats in college. Kid has a transcript from our flagship state U for all the dual enrollment classes. All of their science classes and other pre-reqs have been taken during college.

Med schools require two semesters of college English, and some want to see two semesters of math. Kid has one semester each of math and English while in college, but also a flagship state U transcript with two semesters of Calc and four semesters of English, in addition to other classes. There’s nothing that says dual enrollment on the state U transcript, but from the dates of the classes, it’s obvious that they were taken before they entered college.

It appears that there is NO pre-med advising office at kid’s school, which I find really hard to believe. Kid has a person living in their dorm who is I think currently a fellow in med training, to whom they can go for advice, but it doesn’t look as if there’s any specific professional for premed advising or committee letter, which is fine with me.

I’m under the impression, because back in my day it was so, that college courses that appear on a college transcript, even if taken while in high school, are acceptable for satisfying the math and English course requirements for med school apps. I could understand if it were not accepted for the science pre-reqs, but I think that they will take it for math and English, especially if a semester of each were also done while in college.

Has anyone had a kid who encountered a problem with this, with using a college transcript for classes taken dual enrollment to satisfy a semester of English and a semester of math for med school apps?


It’s all going to depend on how the HS credits appear on their college transcript.

AP credit requires that the degree-granting college the child attends list the AP credits as equivalent to a course offered by that college.

For example AP Calc BC = Math 110, 4 credits or AP English Lit = Eng 100, 3 credits

From 2024 AMCAS® Applicant Guide

Advanced Placement (AP) Prep Courses and Exams
Unless a U.S. or Canadian postsecondary institution has granted credit for an AP course or an AP exam, such information should not be listed on the application. If credit has been granted, courses and exams should be listed according to the instructions regarding AP credit.

pp 36-37 of the AMCAS Guide has more specific instructions on how to report AP classes.

Applicants must submit a transcript from every college where they took college level classes. For students with dual enrollment credits, applicants are requires to send an official transcript from the college which sponsored those dual enrollment classes.

There is a whole section of the AMCAS Guide devoted to “Courses Taken While in Middle or High School” (pp.43-44) Reviewing that ought to answer your questions.

Each medical school has its own specific requirements about coursework. There’s no universal answer about whether dual enrollment or AP credits will fulfill admission requirements. The student should consult MSAR or contact the admission office of a specific med school via email to ask whether they will accept dual enrollment credits for pre-reqs.

This is not a dual enrollment transcript. It is a flagship state U transcript. It will say something like english 110 and 120, calc 101 and 102, etc. It also lists bio 110 and 120 and the labs, and spanish, and more english, and maybe some history, too, but all that matters is the english and math.

But the med schools will know they were taken during high school by the dates.

Applicants are supposed to mark “High School” for the “Year in School” when reporting college courses taken while in high school on the medical school application. See pages 43-44 of https://students-residents.aamc.org/media/11616/download .

But the med schools will know they were taken during high school by the dates.

Assuming they look that closely.

AMCAS does not forward the transcripts to schools, but places all coursework in its own format which what med schools actually see. All freshman classes are listed on one page; all sophomore classes on a second page; all junior coursework on a third page, etc.

I think DE classes will be listed with the freshman year classes. (Because that’s when the credit was awarded by the college-of-record.)

Again, if you have any questions about whether DE credits will be acceptable for fulfilling admission requirements–please consult MSAR (1 year subscription is $28; 2 years is $36) or contact the med school directly.

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