Will Michigan State (MSU) rescind admission offer?

Hello, so I was accepted back in November.

Through junior year, I had a 3.52 UW GPA, 1350 SAT, with extracurriculars like volunteering at a local pharmacy, some ACTION events, being a 4 year varsity wrestler, being all conference, and all conference academic team. Also, I hadn’t taken any AP classes but I had always taken tough regular classes, like doubling up on sciences or taking a regular math class intended for the next grade.

This year, I decided to take AP Biology, Honors Physics which at my school differs from AP Physics 1 by one chapter only, and Calc along with creative writing to fulfill english credit and a basic business class. As a result of this much harder schedule by UW GPA after finals fell to a 3.16 on the semester, but my weighted GPA is a 3.52. I ended up with a C+ in Calc and Honors Physics, and a B- in AP Bio.

Will this cause Michigan State to rescind their offer?? I am freaking out. I know there can only be a slight drop senior year, but will they consider that my school doesn’t weight GPAs, and that my course load was MUCH tougher this year?? Looking forward to your replies and experiences. Thanks a ton.