Will modeling help my chances?

<p>i've got decent grades, a pretty good GPA, and a good ACT score. i live in a small town in kentucky and everyone i know is attending a community or technical college. there's nothing wrong with those colleges at all. me though, i plan on going out of state. however, im not real sure on my chances as to where i can get in, and neither of my parents are earning an income right now, nor have they for almost 2 years. i also dont have a lot of outstanding ECs. you see, i've always been the quiet shy girl in the back of the AP classroom. ive always been the innocent good girl that goes to church on sunday. and i've always been perfectly fine with it because conforming to the ways of my peers has never been on my to-do list. however, god's fantastic sense of humor came into play last summer when i signed a modeling contract. its been the time of my life and i'll give everything that i have and earn to anyone who has less than me. when my friends are getting high, i'm chilling downtown with homeless men. no one at school expected it from me..and that's exactly why i was brought to it. yet, i'm not done with success. i wanna continue to be the poor girl looking up. buut, my question is..is modeling a strong EC, will it help my chances when applying this coming year? i know i havent given a lot of stats, but should i even look into ivy leagues based on what i've told you? i also think i'm a pretty good writer and i've already spent hours drooling over my keyboard typing college essays..hope that isn't frowned upon in the social world haha. thanks</p>

<p>You need to give us actual scores in lieu of arbitrary descriptions, as standards are different wherever you are. Is a good ACT score a 35 or 36 for you? Or is it lower? That kind of thing makes a big difference.</p>

<p>I got a 31</p>

<p>It's unique, because not everyone has a chance to model and it doesn't pop up in every college application like NHS or something. Only a selected few get to so yes it is a strong EC.</p>