Will musical kid have enough exposure in Music Business major?

My DS19 is considering schools that have a Music Business major. He would also like to be a music minor, or at least be involved in as many choirs and musical theater opportunities as possible.

He is considering Belmont for Music Business. We love that he will come out with a Bachelor’s in Bus Admin, however, the more we research Belmont, the more I realize that the Music Business degree doesn’t require many music classes. Going to Nashville wasn’t on our radar except for the MB major so I want to make sure he would be surrounded by music, otherwise he could get a business degree closer to home and minor in music (best of both worlds?) OR go to a school with a similar degree that is heavier on the music than the business (or equal).

For those familiar with the Music Business program at Belmont, do you think students are immersed in the world of music (via performance opportunities and music classes)? Or is the attractiveness of the program only that Nashville/Music Row is at your doorstep and the school has many contacts?

My son has only been there for a week… he is an Audio Engineering Major with MB minor. Everybody in the Curb School seems to be musical. THere are so many opportunites to play and enjoy music. Some kids are minoring in music (the music school is a separate school than Curb). My suggestion would be to go visit and get a feel for it yourself. I have to say it is an incredible place - so far - any my son (and his 4 guitars) are very happy there.

My son is a songwriting major (Curb College) He’s a very experienced guitar player, They will not let him audition for the two different guitar ensembles because “ensembles are only open to music majors”

Ok, so we took a tour in September and LOVED almost everything about it! Sent the application in last night. It does seem like the place to be for networking, etc.
@JerseyParents so it sounds like if my S wants to sing with an ensemble as a Music Business major, it might be an issue?

Hi, I’m a current music business major at Belmont. For your son, I would suggest the production emphasis if he sticks with music business, since he can dabble in the creation of music in his classes a little bit more. I would say, his Belmont experience will be what he makes of it. If he wants to continue performing and doing music, there are plenty of opportunities to do that here, just not necessarily in the classes you take. He could also do a music minor with his music business degree. It’s tough to squeeze it in, but it’s very possible.

I have similar concerns to the above. My son is a singer songwriter. He is accepted to Curb at Belmont and planning to do songwriting with music business minor but I am wondering if he should be in commercial music with songwriting concentration since he is a performer