will my acceptance be revoked

<p>hi, i'm currently a senior in high school. i applied to stony brook university back in december and just got my acceptance letter. I'm a bit worried if i will get my acceptance revoked? i transferred from my high school in New York to one in Florida my senior year and it was hard getting used to. my guidance counselor decided to put me in AP Calc AB even though i never took pre calc before. the material in the class is vey hard and the first semester i ended up with a D. My Cum. GPA from freshmen to Junior year was a 3.67 unweighted. the first semester of my senior year i got two B's, one A, one C's and the D in calculus making my gpa very low. my cum gap now is a 3.58. however, now during my second semester i'm picking my grades back up. i have three B's, one A, however i currently have an F in AP Calc. What are my chances of getting the acceptance revoked?</p>

<p>Chances are very good to be rescinded with an F. Call Stony Brook and talk to them about what to do. They might put you on Academic Probation for the first semester.</p>