Will my ACT get flagged?

Hi, I’m a rising junior who took the ACT three weeks ago. I took it under private testing at the local community college because I have a disability and needed accommodations. In the past I’ve done very well on standardized tests, I got a 1490 on my PSAT 10. This is not to brag at all but to clarify where I’m at as “good score” can vary a ton. I expect to get a high score and think 34-35 is likely. My parents are really worried that if I do exceptionally well, my test will be flagged since I took it privately. I did not cheat or anything like that, of course. Do I need to worry about this? Is there anything I can/should do if I still do not have scores in several more weeks?

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If the test is administered under the direction of those in charge, why would you get flagged ?

You will need a test result from the ACT itself for a school to recognize it. What am I missing ?

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If you took it under conditions and with a proctor approved by the ACT I don’t see where there would be an issue.


Just having a high score by itself does not seem like something that would get you flagged. When you took the test privately, was there a reputable person administering the test? Had they done this before?

I also do not see why there would be any issue.

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The proctor is responsible for declaring to the testing organization that there were no testing irregularities- you didn’t make a phone call in the middle of the test, you didn’t speak to anyone during the test, you showed ID to prove that you are who you say you are, and not a paid test-taker.

If the Proctor was in attendance throughout, you have nothing to worry about.


Short answer is no. If you once took it and got an 18 and now you get a 35… That could get flagged. But with accommodations and properly done your good. I hope you get the score you stated. Good luck.