Will my admission get rescinded (unaccepted)?

<p>I got accepted early decision to Virginia Tech's College of Engineering, but I think I may have screwed myself over. My cumulative GPA before senior year was a 3.6. Well my first semester grades sucked. I had a D+ in AP Calculus BC, a C in AP Physics, and a C+ in AP English Literature. Of course I got a letter from Tech saying that I must significantly improve my grades or they'll reconsider my admission. </p>

<p>Well, I've actually been able to raise my Calculus grade to a C for the semester (after the transcripts were sent and the letter was received) which also brings up my semester GPA to a whopping 3.286. How likely am I to get unaccepted? I have a feeling that I shouldn't have to worry about getting unaccepted from Tech as long as I have nothing below a C and no more than 3 C's in AP classes. </p>

<p>Also, should I resend my updated semester transcript? I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't because it would show a greater improvement when I send my final transcript.</p>

<p>I'm really in no place to judge, but yeah, i think you'll be okay if you can avoid from getting any D's or F's, and keep the C's to a minimum (maybe 1 or 2, not 3 or 4). You probably should resend your updated transcript anyways, just to show that it was a recent change</p>

<p>Wait, so your GPA is now a 3.3, down from a 3.6? You'll be fine.</p>

<p>ok thanks.</p>