Will my AP credit count for UCLA or will another class fulfill the requirement?

So I did not take English 1A because my CC gave me credit for my AP Engl Lit and Comp exam (score of 3). Engl 1A is a requirement to transfer to UCLA.

However, UCLA requires a score of 4 for it to count as credit for 1A. However, I did take English 1C though which is Critical Thinking and Composition. Do you think that the 1C will fill in the requirement? I can’t find information if 1C could be used as a replacement for 1A.

Use https://www.assist.org to check course articulation.

But note that UCLA will accept AP credit by its own AP credit listing, not another college’s.

However, if you get IGETC certified, check whether UCLA accepts that to cover it’s English requirements.

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