Will my change in classes effect my admissions decision?

<p>When I sent out my appolicatiobs my schedule was AP Chemistry, AP government, dual enrollment English and dual enrollment American history.</p>

<p>I really can't handle AP Chemistry. The teacher is absolutely dreadful, it is only 4 months long (not year long as it should be) and I am not learning at all. I've never been so stressed and I don't want my final semester of senior year to be so stressful to the point that im so stressed I feel like there's a boulder on my chest crushing me.</p>

<p>My schedule now will be Honors government, dual enrollment pre-calculus, dual enrollment English, dual enrollment American history.</p>

<p>Will colleges think that I am being lazy or will they understand that my schedule was more than I can handle? Will they look at this negatively on my mid-year report and not accept me? </p>

<p>The universities I will hear back from in March are all top universities, which is why this concerns me.</p>

<p>Many colleges require you to notify them of any changes in your senior schedule. They don't want to accept a student they think is taking challenging courses only to find out that after the app was submitted the student switched out of many of them.</p>

<p>Since you say you are applying to top universities, you definitely should check with each of them to see if this applies to you.</p>

<p>I would at least try to keep AP Gov. You should absolutely contact your colleges and be prepared to be able to explain with a good reason for the change. You may need to explain in writing. Bad teacher may work, but that only works once. IF you drop 2 APs they are not going to buy that. And beware that at the top schools I know, if they accept you and THEN find out you changed your schedule they have an out to "unaccept" you. YOu really don't want to put yourself in that position unless you really feel you have to. Talk to a good college counselor before you do anything.</p>

<p>"Dear College X,</p>

<p>This is to let you know that due to schedule conflicts, my courses for second semester have changed to A, B, and C.</p>


<p>Honestly, changing two APs and two dual-enrollments for an Honors and three dual-enrollments is not a big deal. This sort of thing happens all the time.</p>