Will my credits transfer to a different country?

I’ve been taking PSEO classes for a while now and have been leaning towards colleges in Canada since that is where I plan to move once I graduate. But I’m not sure if my credits will transfer to a different country and don’t want to waste time taking classes that won’t be accepted to the place I want to go.

Tagging @DadTwoGirls who may know the answer and/or provide guidance.

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I think it will vary by Canadian university and by which classes you took at which institutions.

UBC’s website has a search function to help determine whether a course taken elsewhere will be given credit at UBC.

This is my understanding also. My experience in this area is very limited. One daughter did get academic credit (at a Canadian university) for an AP test that she took after self-studying. The credit shows up with a P (pass) grade on her university transcript.