Will my father need to submit his business supplement for IDOC?

<p>My dad is my noncustodial parent and on my IDOC requirements it only states: </p>

<p>"A complete signed copy of your noncustodial parent's 2011 federal income tax return (or a translated copy of his/her country's equivalent), including all required Schedules, all Partnership or Corporate returns, and all W-2 forms. Your noncustodial parent may want to submit these documents separately from those of your custodial parent. If so, make sure he/she includes an IDOC Cover Sheet."</p>

<p>And on Columbia's website it just states it needs "Noncustodial Parent tax return and W-2s."</p>

<p>The other schools I'm applying to (Harvard, Stanford, Penn, etc.) also state the same thing.</p>

<p>If my dad needed to fill out the business supplement, would it have been explicitly stated in the IDOC requirement section? </p>

<p>I really do NOT want him to fill it out if it's not required...</p>

<p>What I also don't understand is that my father hasn't yet filled out the noncustodial CSS profile, so how can the IDOC already tell me what my requirements are? </p>

<p>I'm quite confused and don't really understand how this all works. If my mom had stated she owned a business (she doesn't), would the IDOC have stated that she needed to fill out the business supplement? My father will be stating he does own a business (because he does) but the IDOC only seems to want his tax returns...and if they want his corporate tax returns, doesn't it seem obvious they would need the business supplement form completed? Ugh...</p>