Will my freshman schedule decreases my chances of getting into Harvard or Yale? Thank you!

My freshman schedule consisted of all honors and one non-honor class which was Spanish 2. I plan to take all honors and AP classes the rest of my high school years but will this one non-honor class effect or decrease my chances of being admitted to one of these schools? The reason I ask this is because there are at least 40 kids in my class taking all honors including Spanish or their language. Thank you for responding! :slight_smile:

Little to no effect on admissions.

Yale and Harvard have lots of applications, so they need students who stand out. Therefore, if you’re within the range of stats that they’re looking for (mostly honors, top 1-2% of class, 34ish+ACT/2200ish+SAT) then your essays/things that make you stand out will be much much more significant than one non-honors class.

Okay thanks so much for the feedback and helpful info! I will work hard and try my best to reach these standards. :slight_smile: