Will my GPA in my Masters program ruin my chances of attendig T-10 law school?

I’m currently at Columbia finishing up a masters degree while also applying to law school. Due to covid-19 we received P/F for a lot of our classes and I only have grades for 3 classes. This has significantly impacted my gpa (2.9) and I’m worried that it will hinder my chances of attending a top law school. However, I know other factors contribute to an acceptance or rejection. I’m currently working on research, I have a decent undergrad gpa, decent gre scores, stellar recommendations, and I’m a URM. I guess what I’m asking is how much does your grad school gpa factor into the admissions process?

In general law schools don’t much care about grad school grades bcos they aren’t part of USNews ranking system. That said, a sub-3 grad GPA is really low (and considered failing in many grad programs where a 3.0+ is required) and will be noticed, but not in a good way.