Will my grade in a CC class affect my GPA at UCR?

<p>Im taking a class at RCC and I got an A in the class. I was just wondering if the A will change my GPA at UCR? </p>

<p>Looks like no one is replying, as I’m a transfer student coming this fall I’ve heard that everything counts in the end! But that’s only what I’ve heard. Just ask your counselor to see if they’ll accept the course. </p>

<p>I thought only your classes and units transfer, not your GPA, from a CC to CSU/UC? At least that is what I was told when I asked my advisor about wanting to take “easy” courses at a CC to raise my UC GPA. </p>

<p>Thats what I thought too, I heard something different from a friend who went to CSULB, I know its not a UC but I don’t see why it would change from CSU to UC. For her, her gpa at CSULB was on its own but when she got her bachelor’s it factored for it. It’s a great question that I’m definitely asking during my academic counseling on the 19th. I’ll let you guys know when I find out for sure. You can never really trust cc counselors, only truth comes from the staff of the school you’re transferring into…</p>

<p>When you take a class at a CC and you transfer the credits to UCR, it doesn’t affect your GPA. You only get credit for the class. The grade from the CC will show up on your transcript/degree check but other than that it doesn’t boost your GPA.</p>