Will my newest Score be reviewed by My Colleges?

<p>I took the SAT a fourth time</p>

<p>my score this time was 1930 640-reading 670-math 620-writing</p>

<p>1st 1610
2nd 1800
3rd 1780
and 4th was the 1930</p>

<p>The difference was the blue book.. I did not do all the practice tests but I recommend to go through it and do all of them. I started without time on the first 2 and always reviewed everything I got wrong or had a question on. I found that is the best way</p>

<p>I'm a Senior, does this score get reviewed by the schools I sent it to? I.E. Notre Dame and Villanova? I have gotten in everywhere else but I am not so sure about acceptance to Notre Dame, but I am really hoping for Villanova though.</p>

<p>I've gotten accepted at</p>

<p>Butler U
Rose-Hulman inst of technology
Indiana University
Marquette University
Loyola University Chicago
Miami u of Ohio
St.Edwards(full ride for non-academic scholarship)

<p>still waiting on Drexel u also</p>

<p>Where, in you opinions, do you think I should focus on? I am applying to Honor's colleges and that is a factor. I live in Indiana, not afraid of leaving, but worried about costs. </p>