Will my O level result be helpful??

<p>I have 5 A's and 3B's in my O levels.I am just curious whether with this result Harvard would accept me or not.I have given my SAT.Also with result what would be the minimum SAT score I should get for admission?</p>

<p>Of course they will accept O Levels.</p>

<p>BTW where are you from?</p>

<p>I am from pakistan.No I meant whether my result is good enough or not.My father really wants me to go Harvard.Are u from harvard too?With 5 As and 3Bs in my OLevel what score do I require to get into Harvard.Thanku for Your concern.</p>

<p>Well, the thing is that no one can predict whether person A or person B will get into college X or Y. Its just not possible.</p>

<p>Of course, getting 5 A's is a good result, but you must also realize that there are people from Pakistan with 10+A's as well.</p>

<p>hmm are your A's A1s or A2s? Cos I must say that lots of people who've taken the O levels and apply to harvard probably have strings of A1s (singapore students for e.g.) But of cos, grades aren't the only factor...</p>

<p>Ummm I have all A1s.</p>

<p>When you say O levels, are you referring to the current GCSE system, or A levels?</p>

<p>yes i am refering to the current gce exam</p>

<p>So you're saying you're appyling to uni at 16?</p>